Spotswood / Japanese Mountains

Japanese Mountains,
Japanese Mountains -
Please receive me,
I want to leave here.

Run through the cities
Crying and weeping,
There's nowhere for sleeping
When it's light all the time,
Don't ask about sweet dreams,
They're not the ones that follow me,
Crying and weeping,
I run through them all.

Maple and cedar,
Maple and cedar,
Seeds on the wind.
We all have our secrets,
And the ones who betray us,
But everything's made up of
Darkness and light.

Shinpai shinaide kuddasai

Down by the river where the factories lie,
And the Westgate stretches across the sky,
I've moved north and I've lived south,
But I always return to the river mouth.

Out from the city all the secrets pour,
Through pipes that were laid a hundred years ago;
Love and ruin in the straining wells,
Rags and bodies and teeth and gold.

A woman of science in the tower above,
Her laboratory a labour of love,
There she worked while the war raged on,
Never to marry or she'd loose it all.

When I was young I never knew
That I'd be brought back here to you,
No stranger thing than how we're drawn
Back to the place from which we're born.

My silken dresses are made of coffins:
You never had a future,
Plunged into boiling water,

Mulberry, momento mori

The message is within you,
White and crimson berries are bleeding on my fingers.

Growing your white wings,
Though you will never fly,
Sleep soundly under branches,
For it is not your intention
To soon die.

A felted capsule,
A strength unrivaled,
A sheen with magic lustre;
A hope you cast in circles.

I used to value all those silken dresses,
But now the only feeling,
Is the texture of a deathbed.